CPQ Software: Link and automate processes with Elfsquad

Elfsquad CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote) is there for the production industry. With our CPQ solution we both optimize and automate your pre-production process. Configure complex products and complex product structures in but a few clicks. Never again quote incorrect prices and directly convince the customer of your offer. All through one CPQ software package: Elfsquad.

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Errorless quotations, created in the blink of an eye

When product structures are made clear, Elfsquad’s CPQ software is easily filled in by a commercial contributor. And that is not without reason: Elfsquad CPQ has a supporting role in the first sales phase:

  • Rich quotation documents, made comprehensible for the customer
  • Reduce quotation lead time to mere minutes
  • The result: a document that is both convincing and errorless

CPQ software connects, for flawless production

Integrations with your IT-infrastructure lead to flawless production orders. As a result, Elfsquad’s CPQ software directly involves salesmen and end customers with the production process.

  • Control CAD models during configuration
  • Synchronize contacts and quotations through CRM integration
  • Flawless BOMs in ERP

CPQ for marketing purposes

By integrating our CPQ software with your website, you both analyze and optimize the use of CPQ. Allow leads to directly get to know your product range. And roll out quotations without human intervening.


Why CPQ software?

Our software originates from a mission: allowing production businesses to remain competitive. Above all: to guarantee them the right to exist. Automating production is unavoidable here, and the pre-production process must be optimized. Because your customers, too, expect tighter delivery times, flawless production orders, and customization on top of that. By employing CPQ software in the primary process, the customer is linked to production. No more faulty orders. No more flawed quotations. No more recalculating. All in all: no more frustration.

Implementing Elfsquad CPQ software

Our aim is to allow our customers to implement our software as smoothly as possible. Which is why we seamlessly connect to most common ERP, CRM, and CAD systems. In order to make CPQ the backbone of your business as fast as possible.

Elfsquad is, at its core, CPQ software. Curious about the difference? Do you want to read about how we have optimized other customers’ pre-production process? Read our cases.

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