Discover the Elfsquad demo

Curious how Elfsquad can help your company? The proof is in the pudding; we will show you in a demo.

What you can expect from the demo

  • We start by going through your situation: what are your products and what are the challenges and goals?
  • We provide insight in our vision on the manufacturing industry in times of digitalization. And how our configurator is key in this context; specifically in your situation.
  • We demonstrate our configurator by explaining how we would apply it if we were standing in your shoes.
  • At the end of the demonstration you know exactly how Elfsquad is able to digitalize your factory and what it is going to deliver in terms of savings / opportunities.
  • We deliver a price for licensing / implementation directly.

Rather speak to someone from flesh and blood?

We are available from Monday till Friday on business hours.

+31 85 06 56 638

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