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CPQ for Autodesk Inventor: 3D configurations

Direct your CAD models from within Elfsquad CPQ software. Fill in parametric models on based on configurations, completely plug & play. Even if your product is not 100% configure to order. Send your CAD files along with quotations, or generate machine controls (CAM).


Elfsquad CPQ & Autodesk Inventor

Direct your CAD models from within Elfsquad.


Direct Autodesk Inventor from within your CPQ software

As soon as a salesman rolls out a quotation or wins an order, the configuration generates an Inventor assembly. The configurator directs all dimensions of your parametric models: on the basis of a configuration, parameters are filled and components are suppressed or replaced. This way, a 100% errorless assembly arises at staggering speeds, which is set up in a project folder in the server.

  • Drastical shortening of engineering lead time.
  • With quotations or orders, CAD files are directly set up in the server.

If your product is not 100% configure to order:

Imagine, your product consists of modules for 80%, but the last 20% always requires to be engineered customer-specifically. Then the Elfsquad Product Configurator is still of use to you: from the configurator an Inventor assembly of the modular part is set up in the project folder. In engineering’s workflow, a task is created to finish the assembly, supplied with clear instructions if needed.

  • The configured part will be set up in the server.
  • The engineer adjusts the configured order afterwards.

Directing CAM

As soon as an order is sold, or a quotation is created, the assembly is set up in a project folder. By generating CAM-files through Inventor assemblies, you will use CAM-drivers compatible with Inventor by default.

  • Generate machine controls as soon as an order is sold.
  • Direction through Inventor, so simply use your existing drivers.

Send CAD-files along with your quotations

Is a quotation document not enough for your customers, or do you supply system integrators? Through Inventor integration you generate a CAD-file when rolling out a quotation, in a file format of your choice. Upload the file to a cloud service, Sharepoint for example, and share the link within the quotation.

  • Generate (approval) schematics along with your quotation, in any desired file format.

CRM, Elfsquad, Inventor & ERP

A frequently asked question: how do Elfsquad and Inventor’s workflow combine with CRM and ERP? There is a lot of personal freedom in this, but a very common workflow looks as follows:

  1. A sales opportunity in CRM reaches the phase “make quotation” or something similar. In the Elfsquad Product Configurator a new quotation is automatically made, with data from CRM.
  2. A salesman fills in the quotation with one or more configurations, and rolls it out. The status of the sales opportunity in CRM shifts to “quotation rolled out”, or something similar.
  3. A quotation is accepted by the customer through digital signing. Elfsquad’s status, as well as the sales opportunity, automatically shifts to “sold”. An assembly is set up in the server. ERP can be fed with both a bill of materials from Elfsquad and CAD.
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