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CPQ and Ridder iQ integration for the manufacturing industry

Two applications which feel like one single application. Both applications are up to date with the same quotation data. Because products and CRM data are synchronized. Additionally, Ridder iQ workflows can be conjured up with Elfsquad events, and you will be able to synchronize adjustments and outsourced work directly.


Elfsquad CPQ & Ridder IQ

Two applications, feels like one


Quotation synchronization

Whether a quotation is made in Ridder iQ or in Elfsquad: you will always be working with the same data in both applications. A quotation made in Ridder is also directly set up in the CPQ software. A quotation in Elfsquad is also directly set up in ridder. All fields are automatically synchronized in both applications.

  • Two-sided synchronization between Ridder iQ and Elfsquad when making quotations
  • From contacts, to quotation rules, to delivery conditions. All information is synchronized automatically.

Product synchronization

Product management is probably already done in Ridder, and as far as we are concerned it can stay just like that. All of the sellable products (usually in the form of sub-assemblies) are provided with relevant information in Ridder iQ. Consisting of texts in the customer’s language, summary of cost- and selling price, and product attributes (measurements, engine power, you name it).

  • Sellable products in iQ synchronize to Elfsquad live or manually.
  • Sales descriptions, images, prices, and product attributes are also synchronized directly.

Synchronization of CRM data

The dual synchronization between Ridder and Elfsquad also provides synchronization of relations and contacts. CRM data like customer particulars, name and address particulars, delivery- and payment conditions, etc., are the same in both applications. Automatically.

  • Existing contacts in Ridder iQ synchronize with Elfsquad.
  • New contacts in Elfsquad CPQ synchronize with Ridder automatically.

Calling up iQ workflows with Elfsquad events

How and which data is processed is entirely up to yourself. This way, you decide for yourself if bills of materials are finished as sales lines in Ridder iQ, or appear as new customer-order specific bills of materials in a quotation. When this happens is also left to you. This way, you can decide if won quotations in Elfsquad CPQ automatically become a sales order with iQ.

  • With Ridder iQ workflows, determine how and which data is synchronized.
  • Call up workflows from Ridder or from Elfsquad events.
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Adjustments and outsourced work

Adjustments are synchronized to Elfsquad, including prices and descriptions. For outsourced work, the head supplier’s cost prices are synchronized with the sales storage in Ridder iQ.

  • Adjustments and outsourced work synchronize to the CPQ software live or manually.
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