Elfsquad CPQ Software for Ridder iQ

Both applications are up to date with the same quotation data because products and CRM data are always in sync. Additionally, Ridder iQ workflows can be triggered by actions within Elfsquad, and you’re also able to directly synchronize adjustments, as well as outsourced work.

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Benefits of the integration:

Whether a quotation is made in Ridder iQ or Elfsquad, you’ll always be working with the same data in both applications; quotations made in Ridder are also directly set up within Elfsquad, and vice versa. And all fields are automatically synchronized in both applications. 

With Ridder iQ workflows, determine how and which data is synchronized. Sales descriptions, images, prices, and product attributes are also synchronized directly.


Master Data

By master data, we’re referring to the relationship between data and everything that is needed for a configuration model. A configuration model in Elfsquad consists of features. The most important data that should be translated into these features comes from Ridder iQ. Therefore, Ridder iQ leads the task of managing master data and features, accordingly.

Synchronization occurs based on a selection that can be made in the integration. In addition to general information, cost and sales prices are updated.


Dynamic data

Dynamic information is information that is created based on the quote and configuration from Elfsquad. Therefore, Elfsquad’s application leads this process. The information is based on the output of the configuration model. If a feature in Elfsquad is not known in the integration, it won’t be carried over to ECI Ridder iQ. Furthermore, the creation of sub-modular lines and memos can be controlled using tags. First, the bill of materials (BOMs) will be built, and then the quotation; the BOMs then become a quotation line.


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Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have endless integration possibilities. 

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