Elfsquad CPQ Software for Odoo ERP

Ever-increasing product and process complexity is overwhelming, especially when dealing with setbacks like delayed quoting and collaboration issues. Elfsquad offers a solution by easily integrating with Odoo, allowing for a more accurate adaptation to your business requirements.

An automated and optimized quote-to-cash process results in a simplified and controlled end-to-end process

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Elfsquad & Odoo

Identify and Overcome Your Sales Obstacle

How Do You Benefit From the Odoo and Elfsquad CPQ Integration?

Streamline product configurations, speed up quoting, boost real-time collaboration, minimize errors, and increase customer satisfaction when you integrate Odoo and Elfsquad CPQ.

Frustrated with delayed quoting processes?

Our integration accelerates quoting and approval cycles, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape.


Connect Sales with Production

Struggling with communication gaps among your team?

Elfsquad CPQ and Odoo integration facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing your team to work seamlessly, even on intricate product configurations.

Concerned about errors in your quoting process?

Benefit from Elfsquad's intelligent validation features integrated with Odoo to minimize mistakes and present accurate quotes to your customers.

Ever had a customer confused by product options?

Provide a user-friendly interface, built from the inside out, enabling your customers to configure and visualize products easily for enhanced satisfaction.


Experience the Power of Integration

Implement your perfect business management tools with the Elfsquad CPQ integration for Odoo thanks to our API-first approach and mutual open sourcing. We’ll connect you with one of our third-party partners to assist you with the entire process, free from stress.

  • Deliberate on your preferred workflow integration between the systems
  • Establish the integration between Elfsquad and Odoo
  • Import or synchronize your master data with Elfsquad
  • Start building your configuration models
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Guarantee Production-Ready Quotes

Imagine that your entire order process is thoroughly managed. Engineers who can easily put all your customers' orders into production and always have up-to-date product information.

The smooth integration between Elfsquad and Odoo ensures accurate pricing, applied discounts, and a detailed Bill of Materials, simplifying the journey from product customization to order precision.


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Elfsquad is based on the API-first principle. Which means you have endless integration possibilities. 

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