3 March: Is a product configurator suitable for my manufacturing business? (Webinar)

Samen met onze nieuwe Exact partner AB geven wij een webinar op 10 maart.

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On 3 March, from 12:00 until 12:30, we organize an interactive webinar for any manufacturing business that does not yet have a clear view of how configuration software can be employed for their situation. Would I not need to get my ERP in order first? Do I need 3D CAD models? Should I organize extra training for dealers? Can I even integrate with my current IT landscape?

We will answer all of these questions based on interesting stories of success. Before the webinar begins, we ask every participant to sketch their situation for us. This makes for an interactive webinar and allows us to go over various use cases. On top of that we shortly demonstrate our software.

I will join the webinar!

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