A CPQ Tool with Customer Interface delivers the ultimate customer experience.

The B2B buyer has changed. The manufacturing industry demands online CPQ tools that enhance the customer experience. A convincing text, a static image or boasting the end-customer’s visual capabilities is no longer enough. The customer should be able to completely compose their product based on their own wishes (remember the IKEA-effect?). By offering your products online with a CPQ configurator, the customer can convince themself in an intuitive and visual manner. Visual user experiences increase conversions and order values.

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The importance of online visibility and optimal user experience is bigger than ever. Everything you see around you can be ordered and composed online: a chair, your phone case, kitchen machinery, etc. The B2C market is completely focused on this fact. The visual guidance allows customers to directly see what their choices lead to, this is also called guided selling. In both 2D and 3D. By applying constraints you guide the end customer in composing their own customization. With these flawless compositions you ensure 0% error rates in quotations and order-intakes.

Our CPQ Tool, your experience

By also connecting the configurator to your current IT systems you enable optimization and an increase in efficiency throughout your entire pre-production process. However, online composition of a product is no longer enough. To truly gain an edge on your competition and to increase your conversions, you must ensure an optimal customer journey. Which is exactly what Elfsquad and Moose Agency are good at.

We can tell you a lot about this, and our online showroom module is a good example of our drive to supply you with an online customer- or dealer portal. But working together makes for more success, so we partner up with others who aim to create a next-level custom interface based on the customer journey, on Elfsquad CPQ. Because all of the information in our CPQ can be found from the API. This makes the possibilities for your custom interface endless. One of the partners who excels in this is Moose Agency.

An example of a custom interface combined with our CPQ tool. Built by Moose Agency.

In the example above you can see one of Moose’s custom interfaces, built on Elfsquad CPQ software. Of course, this is a demo model, as we do not do this for Tesla. We do this for your machines, installations, or any other form of heavy industry.

Elfsquad x Moose Agency

Elfsquad and Moose started working together to realize a next-level customer experience. Elfsquad’s online product configurator visually guides customers during the configuration process. In turn, Moose Agency delivers a custom interface that completely fits your website’s corporate identity. All in all, this partnership prepares your manufacturing business for the future.

Moose is a digital agency with passion for design, technology and innovation. They do not just realize complete integration of the Elfsquad Product Configurator in your website, but also take customer experience to an even higher level. Elfsquad develops generic software and online showroom models with a reason. But when you want to really make the application your own, and want to work according to your specific users’ demands and behavior, you can redefine the configurator’s steps with Moose Agency. To eventually ensure that your customer is optimally guided during the configuration process.

The result? You build upon authority in your market using powerful software and a slick interface. You build upon online visibility of your product catalog while connecting marketing and sales. Your conversion percentages will increase as a result of more insight in – and optimization of – CPQ software usage.


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