What are the benefits of CPQ?

So, you already know what CPQ is. In short: CPQ is a business tool that helps companies streamline their sales process, making it easier and faster to get quotes to customers. But what are the benefits of a CPQ solution? And how does CPQ make your salesprocesses scalable?

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1. Shorten sales cycles

First of all, CPQ will shorten sales cycles. Many companies used to have thousands of Excel sheets to calculate prices. The quotation process could take up to a day, or maybe longer. Your customer prefers to receive the quote within a few minutes. With CPQ, you or the end customer can configure all of your products within the existing product limits. A customer can request the quotation right after configuring. And if they agree to the quotation, production can get started. And you can make quick work of even the most complex quotations.

2. Product data is always up to date

Stepping into a new role is challenging, but adding obstacles in the form of outdated software makes it daunting. With CPQ, product data is always up to date. Is there a new product? Or does a product change? No problem. With a few clicks, you have added or modified the product logic. And best of all, no programming is required.

3. Clear view of what is being offered and produced

CPQ gives the sales team, but also the company, a clear view of what is being offered and produced. This is great for forecasting. So you know exactly when new or extra materials need to be ordered.
Adding visualization to your quotation model directly caters to the way we buy products. Replacing the rows and columns with a 3D model of your product improves the customers experience and increases the chance of them buying the product.

4. Visualization of your products

You can even make your configurator available to the end customer: integrate the CPQ solution as an online configurator on your website. So a potential customer can configure their desired product or machine in their own time.

5. Create quotations when and where ever you want

And creating quotations on the go? A future-proof CPQ solution is in the cloud. Just grab your tablet. And you can create a quotation right away. That’s what we call ‘ease of use’.

6. Create a dealer portal

Speaking of ease of use. Say goodbye to brochures for dealers. The future is here, and it’s time for your own dealer portal. A dealer often sells more than 10 different brands. Dealers really can’t keep up with product changes. And why would they? Then they won’t get around to selling. You want a portal that always contains the latest product data. This way you and the dealer can ensure higher customer satisfaction.

The first step: try it yourself.

An excellent step to start seeing the benefits of CPQ is starting your 30 days free of charge Elfsquad trial. You can experience all the top features of the Essential account for 30 days. 

  • Configure complex products in minutes.
  • Create accurate quotations instantly.
  • Collect leads via online showroom.

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