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The Showroom module is an extra Elfsquad CPQ functionality that you can use to directly connect your customers to the production process. With the online showroom you make your product package available to your customer. Even if you have multiple sales channels!

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At Elfsquad we want to enable your manufacturing company to directly connect your customers with your pre-production process. Making your products available online is a very important step in this and the Elfsquad showroom is the portal to do so.

My name is Eelke, and in this video I will tell you everything about the importance- and applications of the Elfsquad CPQ showroom module. By now, you know that CPQ software is essential for a modern pre-production process. A good configurator can and should be much more than a calculation tool for your back office.

This is why Elfsquad CPQ allows you to transform your configurator into an online showroom that completely fits your logistic processes. We know that not every product or process may be 100% suitable for this yet, which is why our showroom module also supports the following applications:

  1. Visual support for sales. By using the Showroom on site, your sales reps can visualize a customer’s wants and needs in real time, subsequently leaving a flawless quotation.
  2. Lead generation. The online showroom can also help
    you generate leads. Early on, in the orientation phase you showcase your product’s USPs, but you stay in control of the crucial details, such as pricing and specifications.
  3. Budget calculation. Orienting customers receive a very accurate budget of their potential investment in a matter of seconds in a convincing quotation document.
  4. Last of all, the order portal. With the showroom as automated order portal, your business gets more time to do what it’s good at, while your customers help themselves and input perfect production orders.

The showroom can be activated with the push of a button. The management system already houses all your product intelligence. The showroom utilizes this, but you determine how simple or technical the experience of a showroom user will be, by hiding or showing the correct elements.

  • Elfsquad provides an off the shelf showroom template, that you can customize to realize the perfect user experience for your customer.
  • The showroom is responsive for mobile devices and it can be fully integrated into your website.
  • Through a custom interface, you can even completely redesign the Showroom’s look and feel.

We know that many alternative sales channels can exists within a manufacturing company, which is why the showroom can easily be split up to support all channels, all at once. Imagine:

  • a public showroom integrated with your website meant for lead generation
  • a showroom that requires a login for product details and pricing, to support your sales team.
  • And a showroom in another language, with different currencies for budget calculations on the other side of the world.

With Elfsquad CPQ and the showroom module you can manage all of your sales channels in just one place.


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