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With a built product structure in Elfsquad your configurator is user-friendly and users can configure products without errors. To properly sell your product, you need a document that represents the quality of your product and that can be generated at the touch of a button. This shortens the quotation process time and increases the chance of an accepted order. With the Elfsquad document generator, generating manual text that is prone to mistakes are a thing of the past. With a dynamic template you ensure that there is always an error-free document of the configuration made available to the end customer or internal sales staff. This way the customer has quick access to the perfect quote and you can focus on closing the deals. In this blog you will read about the possibilities of generating a quotation document, but what about an order confirmation, brochure or order/product list? 

How it works. 

You divide your product structures and options into the categories you created. With these categories, you build a dynamic document. Do you want a simple-looking document, with only a description, unit price, quantity, and total price? Or do you want to make sure that the customer is extra convinced of your solution by providing your document with relevant texts and commercial visualizations? With Elfsquad CPQ this is possible.  

Different documents 

It is also possible to create both a simplified and an extensive template. Based on the desired situation you choose which of the templates should be applied in that situation. There is not only a distinction to be made between simplified or expanded templates. You can also choose to generate multiple documents at once, which could include: quotations; brochures; order confirmations; order lists or production list via the Elfsquad document generator.

Your strong document, automatically in the customer’s mailbox 

You are free to do whatever you want when it comes to the design of the documents. Add your own style to the document and work with your own logos and images. This way, the customer, who uses your online configurator always has a clean document in his mailbox. Thanks to a simple automation process, for example via Power Automate, you can easily send your documents automatically to the customer. 


Elfsquad’s configurator allows the customer to generate quotations in multiple languages. The different translation can be added to all the layers of the quotations, including the description or add a detailed description of an option.

During the creation of the new document, you might want to add information from another source that is also in another language. With the help of Elfsquad document generator, you can dynamically translate text from all sources, ensuring that your quotation and external text languages are lined up. Would you like an English and a Dutch quote? With a simple push on the button in the Elfsquad quote you change the language, and the document generator will fill the template with the correct translations.


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