Elfsquad CPQ Software & Autodesk Inventor: a powerful combination

The B2B manufacturer in the industry knows the importance of engineering models like no other. CAD files often give customers the first impression of the actual product. It becomes tangible. Being able to deliver CAD files as early as possible in the sales process creates trustworthiness. This comes forth from eliminating miscommunication, and the proneness to error. Especially as a system integrator, which delivers CAD files with quotations. To grant insight in the offered solution in an early stage.

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Alright, so you would like to supply representative CAD files as early as possible in the sales trajectory? Then read ahead.

Of course we do not focus solely on Autodesk Inventor. We work with many different CAD packages at Elfsquad. Are you curious as to how Elfsquad CPQ relates to the CAD software you use? Contact us.

Controlling Autodesk Inventor CAD models with CPQ

Within the pre-production process of manufacturing businesses repeated actions must be eliminated. Repetition costs time, and where repetition happens there is always some manner of standardization to be found. Engineers love to use this ‘extra’ time to create innovation in the product and process. With which they can facilitate the foundation for further growth.

From this, the necessity of Design Automation originates. This allows engineering’s knowledge lines to be recycled to eliminate repetition as much as possible. Resulting in a great efficiency win in engineering processes, and a shorter time-to-market, all because your models become configurable.

Autodesk Inventor is an extensive and reliable package. But integrating it with Elfsquad CPQ is a very valuable extension of your pre-production process.

And this is why:

When your product is (partially) Configure-to-order, big opportunities arise for your CAD model management, and the engineering activities that go with it. Because it is possible to let your CAD model’s parameters be managed by the configurations in your CPQ software. On the basis of a configuration the parameters are filled in and components are suppressed or replaced. A 100% errorless assembly will be made, at lightning speed. This assembly will then be set up in a project folder on the server.

When a salesman scores an order or rolls out a quotation, you are able to start this process. Connecting Sales & Engineering, and significantly reducing modelling runtime.

How we employ the Autodesk Viewer to elevate customer experience to a higher level.

Autodesk is the biggest player globally when talking about CAD software. This is exactly why Elfsquad CPQ uses Autodesk’s viewer to display 3D models. To give the end customer a clear view and feeling of the end product. This is an essential theme in the manufacturing industry. And with Elfsquad CPQ are even able to make your configurator available in an online showroom, on your website, in your style.

Just like with the dealer portal, the manufacturer chooses which products can be configured and quoted by those who visit the online showroom. From Elfsquad CPQ you can choose from several standard templates to place an online configurator directly in your website. Would you like to elevate this to an even higher level with your own customer journey and interface? Then we would gladly show you how we can realize that.

In this way leading CPQ software enhances CAD software, and vice versa.

This is how you connect sales and engineering

By combining Autodesk with CPQ software, you not only connect software packages. You link two departments together: sales and engineering. Your best commercial employees go on their way with a sales model validated by engineering. The knowledge of both worlds is processed in this, because the technical knowledge of engineering can be supplemented with commercial texts. Ending any possible frustration between sales and engineering.

This powerful and digital connection reduces error sensitivity quite drastically. On top of that, very little customer contact is required. As the customer has composed the product on the basis of their own needs and choices, either autonomously or with the salesman. The fully modular part of this product can be translated to a CAD model, when CPQ and CAD are integrated.

“I would like to see this.”

Good. Then quickly request a demo, or start an Elfsquad Trial! Because actual persuasiveness lies in the user experience.


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