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What is Elfsquad Cube?

What is Elfsquad Cube? Cube serves as a platform for the manufacturing industry and as a knowledge center for our own content. Read and view interesting how-to’s and best practises. Gain insight in Elfsquad functionalities and read fun facts about us as people. Additionally, you will find many videos where we let our customers and partners tell their stories. Because we love the manufacturing industry. And this industry is larger than just Elfsquad.

With Elfsquad Cube we think outside of the frameworks of our configuration software (CPQ software). Cube serves as a platform for exclusive content, subjects that truly help you as a manufacturer. On this platform, it is possible for you as a reader to not only watch and read content, but also actively react, send in content, and help each other out.

Why Cube?

Ever since the rebranding of our organization, the Rubik’s Cube has been a logo for Elfsquad. When visiting our partners and customers, you will find out that they all have gotten one from us (hopefully solved by now!). With the way we shape Elfsquad Cube we are aiming to give all visitors, customers, partners and relations the feeling that they are a part of the community. And with that, for them to literally feel at home in the cube.

Additionally, the Rubik’s Cube is a metaphor for our software and the problems we bump into within pre-production processes at manufacturing businesses. Just like a Rubik’s Cube, a product can encompass millions, if not billions of possible compositions (solutions). And sometimes it appears to be impossible to carry over this complexity to the customer, own salespeople, or dealers. And all of these obstacles within your pre-production can result in a snowball effect of errors towards followup of the actual production process.

Just like we know how to solve Rubik’s Cubes, we at Elfsquad also know how to solve these problems. This is seen in our software: we teach you the trick, and as a result you, your customers and dealers will always be able to solve these problems.

The future of Elfsquad Cube.

We will approach this community in the same way that we approach our software: always keep on developing. Within Elfsquad Cube, too many more functionalities are underway. And together with our customers, partners and relations we aim to keep on creating exclusive content, which in turn will help you as a manufacturer.

Thank you for contributing in and to our community. Stay tuned.


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