Engineering is dealing with an incomplete algorithm

The title appoints the “inconvenient truth” of many a supplier in the construction industry. On the daily they solve inconsistencies on project level through human action. They unconsciously maintain the outdated document-driven design process. Luckily, at CADblanche we are regularly asked to analyze how customers’ information processes are looking and how we can thoroughly improve them using the knowledge of tomorrow. Especially when focussing on Industry 4.0 the source information of the to-be-produced construction concepts are of vital importance. Together with Elfsquad, CADblanche has the solution for you: the CADblanche Framework.

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Elfsquad configurator for shaft elements

As CADblanche we work together with Elfsquad to convert complex engineering processes to as simple as possible CTP (Configure to Production) processes for suppliers in the construction industry. Of course, the customer also gains the advantages of the CTO (Configure to Order) platform of our partner Elfsquad. After the configuration we provide complete and automatic generation of unique yet unambiguous 3D production models, with corresponding exports to smoothly get to production and delivery. All this without human intervention.

Shaft element in practise

The CADblanche framework

As CADblanche we believe that the valuable factors of your business can be completely automated, without giving up flexibility. We do this through an “auto generator” which works autonomously. We call the complete network of processes from configuration to the manufacturing floor the “CADblanche framework”.

The CADblanche framework

Of course our consultants are very involved in designing this framework for your construction concept. Elfsquad supplies the online configuration platform to do this. The auto generator from CADblanche replaces the traditional engineering process and supplies the source data for a plethora of export possibilities. Such as 3D models, quantity lists, machine controls, diverse data extractions and links with external systems.

Things to consider

How would your business change if you were guaranteed the following?

  • You can configure at any time and place.
  • You approach 0% failure costs.
  • Your preparatory production runtime is decreased drastically.
  • You gain direct access to complete and unambiguous 3D models.
  • You can let your algorithm judge by quality instead of your projects.
  • You can analyze your production data and adjust to it.
  • You can look into and manage your business knowledge.
  • Your employees can work more efficiently by focussing on process improvement.

Are you in the construction industry and does your business employ configuration and/or engineering? Let CADblanche explain to you how we would tackle this complex transition together. This is not only educational and enjoyable, it is the necessary tool for Industry 4.0!

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Working together on prize-winning software.

We let our innovative power in the manufacturing industry speak and are proud to say that we have received a number of prominent awards with Elfsquad. This motivates us further to fulfill our mission together with our customers: Ensure the manufacturing industry the right to exist.

2019Partner Award 2019 of ECI Ridder
2019Nomination Deloitte Rising Star Award – Fast 50
2018Winner Noordelijke Innovatie Award
2018Winner Ondernemersprijs Smallingerland
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