How 3D visualization convinces your customer

A technical-looking configurator is a pretty handy tool to sell your complex products. Customers no longer have to dig endlessly into datasheets, but instead can choose from available options. But a technical configurator is still very… technical-looking. And that often is not what your customers want. A configurator that uses 3D visualization is what they want. In this blog, you will read how 3D visualization will make it easier to sell your products.

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Easy and confident configuration with instant 3D visualization

Whether you are using a configurator without 3D visualization, or no configurator at all, does not matter. Your customer probably does not like it.

Difficult to determine what they are getting

Without a visual representation of their chosen configuration, your customer will be unsure if their configuration meets their requirements. And because you sell complex products, it is also difficult for your customer to make a presentation for himself. They do now know if your trailer or industrial assembly line will do what they expect them to do. Thanks to 3D visualization you can immediately give a good impression.

Uncertainty when buying and adjusting

When your customer tells you to change something, they want to immediately see it happen. Only then will they know that their requests are being met. Uncertainty will arise when you do not have 3D visuals of the configured result. Your customer will wonder whether the adjustment was received well and is not entirely comfortable with the outcome.

Factory Line in the Elfsquad Showroom

Lost in translation

When you also have customers outside of your country of residence, you know how easy things get lost in translation. When a German customer asked a trailer producer for a “rundumleuchte”, they expected a flashing light, not the 30 reflectors and reversing lights that they eventually received. An expensive mistake.

Elfsquad: CPQ built around visualization

Imagine you choose a product configurator such as Elfsquad. You will also be choosing 3D visualization. Because our software was built in a way that practically any visualizer can be added. Such a visualizer makes a 3D model of the chosen configuration, based on parameters made within Elfsquad. Often and gladly we work together with Dynamaker to accomplish this.

Watch the video about DeltaSign and see how they are using Elfsquad CPQ together with DynaMaker to boost their sales

Your customer is directly involved

Make hay while the sun shines. That is what you do with 3D visualization. Your customer gets a much more clear idea of your product, as they can see it. And this is important because it allows them to rationalize their possibly emotional purchase.

Speed is essential

You also massively accelerate the process from configuration to production. Which is important, because your customers also orient themselves among your competitors. Not only do they immediately get a clean 3D image of their configuration when working with you, they also very quickly get a quotation that fits it. Would they like to make a last minute change? Not a problem, a few clicks will lead you to an up-to-date quotation. Now that is something else than endlessly mailing back and forth, where the chance of making mistakes is also remarkably higher.

It brings certainty

The complexer the product, the more certainty customers need. Not only because it is often about products they do not know much about, but also because these often aren’t small purchases. As soon as you start using 3D visualization, your customer will know exactly what they’ll get. This takes away a large amount of uncertainty and confusion, and in turn they will make their decision more quickly. Moreover: when you offer this service, end customers can even directly order from you.

You can use premium prices!

Also not bad: your customers will be willing to pay more for your products. That is what the ease and feel of 3D visualization does. Ordering from a list of item numbers is much less attractive than ordering from a product configurator with 3D visualization, instantly demonstrating the end result.

Factory Line in the Elfsquad Showroom

See, then believe?

Reading about 3D visualization is all fun and games, but perhaps you would rather just see it in action. We understand this. Request a demo today, and we will directly get to work!

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No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad removes all worries from your pre-production process. With Elfsquad as backbone, we realize the digital factory that smart industries have been trying to find for so long. We do this through a product configurator, with integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and operations.

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