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Ridder Data Systems & Elfsquad are organizing a joint webinar to answer all your questions on configuration in combination with ERP. Vincent Veenman (Sales Consultant at Ridder Data Systems) & Wessel de Haan (Sales Engineer at Elfsquad) are experts in the field of ERP, CTO, Guided Selling, and everything to do with the pre-production process of the manufacturing businesses of 2020.

Blog 1 min.

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The irreversible trends in the manufacturing industry are contemplated by every business in the industry nowadays. The customer expects more from the supplier. Which is why you seek to achieve fast delivery times. Production becomes more customer oriented. And the online platform becomes central. A nearly unsustainable situation, unless a good product configurator and a tight workflow through ERP are utilized. With which your pre-production process can be automated for application in today’s circumstances.

The following subjects will be discussed in the webinar:

  1. Elfsquad’s Vision on Industry 4.0.
  2. Collaboration Ridder Data Systems & Elfsquad
  3. Elfsquad as configurator

Sign up to find out all there is to know about pre-production processes within manufacturing companies in 2020. And what Elfsquad & Ridder might mean for your situation.

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