Integrating CPQ & CAD? Read about 8 big advantages here

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Solutions to save time and money, and to meet customer demands: something a lot of organizations are searching for. In this blog we focus on the valuable connection between CAD and CPQ software. Which enhance each other in many ways. For instance, it is possible to minimize use of the engineer as a link between Sales and Operations, or even take away this involvement completely. So that Engineers can focus on product- and process development. This has a big impact on how you as a manufacturer handle the connection between Sales and Engineering, standardization, automation, and other challenges you face.

Read about all of the advantages that an integration between CAD & CPQ can create below.

The 8 advantages:

1. Save valuable engineering time

Because a portion of the products can be standardized, a customer can secure specific options in the configurator. This frees up valuable engineering time because these products do not have to be drawn out as extensively.

2. Faster production time

As a result of this standardization in choices, CAD-models can be sent to production automatically. Involvement of an engineer is no longer necessary, and the production process is accelerated.

3. Composing complex products becomes easily realizable

All knowledge lines belonging to the CAD-model can be translated to the product configurator. As a result, complex products are easily composed. Customers are guided online and step by step in composing a product, making complex projects much easier to realize.

4. Work Configure-to-Order

Expand Configure-to-Order from the CAD-system to the salespeople/dealers of the configuration software. This is possible by offering the CAD-model’s options in the configurator’s online choices, simplifying the sales side of things.

5. Catalyst for modularity and standardization

A customer is looking for customization, and you as a manufacturer are able to smartly handle this by setting up your product range modularly and standardized. This lets you gain an advantage on competition. It makes customization a staple in your process.

6. A basis for automation

By utilizing smart software, you lay the basis for further automation. Is a customer enthusiastic? Then it would be ideal for you to have a quotation readymade in real time. And production, too, should be able to start directly as soon as the customer signs. With a configurator as a basis you deliver fast and automatic followup towards your next logistic process. You ensure speed, professionality, and uniformity.

7. Improve communication between sales and engineering

Sales and engineering make arrangements on what can- or cannot be sold. This is secured in a configurator, and afterwards sales ventures out with an engineering-validized sales model. This means: much clearer communication about what is standard and what is customized. This is nice for you, and even more so for the customer.

Another advantage is hidden here: dealers are able to bring their end customers quotations in a uniform way, while they are actually also doing a portion of work preparation for you!

8. Improve customer experience

The moment that a customer can sign directly and notices that their product can immediately start production, you are really making steps in customer satisfaction. Never before could you so quickly and concretely mean something for the customer. Visually designed in a configurator, in combination with CAD and an enthusiastic customer; with that production can start directly. Did you know that you can score up to 40% better if you are able to offer your products visually?

Walk the talk

Connecting your CAD-software to a product configurator helps your organization save a lot of time, from engineering and production all the way up to sales. But we prefer to demonstrate this, going by the words ‘walk the talk’. So are you curious about Elfsquad’s CPQ software? Request a demo.


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