Our new office building.

Before the corona crisis started, we ran into a small problem: Elfsquad is growing. The office at the Berglaan in Drachten quickly turned out too small, but as a result of working from home that was no issue for a long time. Until in 2021 the decision was made: Elfsquad was going to move.

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The search.
An office should inspire, motivate, and invoke creativity. But it should also make you feel at home, and feel like something where you belong. During the first visit to our new office the architect was present to explain the ins and outs of the architecture. This presented a number of decisive features.

The feeling of endlessness.
The building was designed to create a feeling of endlessness. The natural walking lines from the entrance of the office make it so that you don’t necessarily “end” anywhere. Each part of the building lets you look at a different section.

We aren’t fond of standing still. Elfsquad is constantly moving. Constantly exploring. The feeling of endlessness fits this.

Unison, in and out
The natural walking lines on the inside are parallel to the ones outside. The building is a unison of inside and outside, of nature and interior. The garden goes uphill towards the roof of the building. And for a big portion the building is made out of windows, getting this bit of nature inside. We have attempted to keep this sense of nature by using a large amount of natural elements in our interior.

The building characterizes Elfsquad, and our ambitions. We are proud of our new office.


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