Elfsquad Sales Configurator: Complexity doesn’t require a complex interface

Complexity does not require a complex interface. In fact: complexity should never have a complex interface. Like Mark Bouter (Sales – Vredo) told us: “What surprised us the most has to be the ability to explain such complex machines in such a clear manner.” This is the power of Elfsquad’s sales configurator. Users experiencing the software for the first time are a bit sceptical at times. Machines, installations, incredibly complex products configured within a few clicks, implemented into your IT-landscape, and a cleanly generated quotation on top of that. But it is possible.

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The manufacturing industry has been distinguishing itself through complexity for years. Within the product range, within the sales process, practically throughout the whole supply chain. From this observation, Elfsquad’s sales configurator came to be, to take away all complexity from the primary process. Because digitalization within the industry is going forward by leaps and bounds. As a result, simple implementation, integration, and design becomes a necessity.

Misplaced recognition

Do not be led on by complex looking software.

Manufacturing businesses often still choose for on-premise packages. They do this because their business processes are very complex. Yet, it is a wrong assumption that Cloud based solutions cannot manage this high complexity. In fact, the software improves constantly. You gain direct access to the latest technology.

On-premise solutions are also bounded by high cost of implementation and a low flexibilty of your business processes. And flexibility is what market desires.

A lot of local configuration software exists, often with a similar appearance to outdated ERP and CAD software. In spite of this, it still resonates with a lot of manufacturing businesses. The seemingly complex software and the industrial interface. Resulting in a long implementation process with an ROI you would rather not see on paper. All due to being behind in competition because of high implementation costs, among other things.

It is misplaced recognition of software. Since cloud solutions have the upper hand when looking at breakthrough functionalities. On-premise software cannot match this. Especially when it comes to responding to customer orientation, which takes place online. Making an online configurator available for the orienting end customer is a bridge too far with on-premise software. Resulting in an additional implementation process with website designers and external IT companies to respond to this orientation.

How Elfsquad takes away complexity

A user-friendly interface does not equal the inability to handle complex products. The power of Elfsquad lies in making the most complex connections manageable in a user-friendly interface. Both technical product knowledge and the complex, time consuming engineering- and quotation processes.

Tilbox makes the Elfsquad sales configurator available online with clear visualization for end customers to place production orders.

Willem Swinkels (R&D Engineer – Tilbox) explained the following: “Producing truck boxes may seem simple, until you actually attempt to produce them. Sales with such a large product offer, engineering in which everything has to be possible, the bigger picture is much more than just building a trailer. And in our market, every minute counts.”

Another clear example is our customer Plegt Carrosserie Groep. Plegt includes Van Berkum, Wema and Brinks. Their product range consists of more than 4 million different compositions (not even including the more than hundred color choices). Considering this, look at the simplicity of composing a configuration in Elfsquad, accompanied by a clear visualization through a 3D model:

Plegt Carrosserie Groep: An incredibly variable and complex product. But clearly and flawlessly configured by salesmen and customers through Guided Selling and visualization.

Of course, there are also products that seem simple but are actually surprisingly complex. This is clearly visible in the case of Firma Hout & Staal.

Good software translates itself

Within UX/UI design it is clear: good software has to speak for itself. We share this opinion at Elfsquad. And we encourage independence when considering design and implementation, to keep implementation costs for manufacturing companies as low as possible.

Yet, the possibilities are so diverse that we have to (and want to) help out now and then. Through sales and support engineers with experience in the manufacturing business, and the knowledge gained from this experience. We are very familiar with the application of sales- and product configurators in modern manufacturing companies and their IT landscape.

This fits a type of customer that wants to handle things just a bit differently. The decision makers who are passionate about what they produce, and have the drive to keep on improving. We turn this mutual drive into a successful collaboration.

Elfsquad Sales Configurator, where complexity meets user-friendliness

For Elfsquad Sales Configurator, no programming knowledge is required to design the application. Your own salespeople, the employees with the best understanding of the sales process and commerce, are able to process their knowledge into the product structures. As such, implementation costs can remain low.

This demo model shows how you can easily assemble the structure of your products with drag-and-drop.

Additionally, when a new product is added to the product range, or an extra option is added, you can add it into the application yourself.

Have you hired a new employee in sales? The product and the links within product structures are directly and clearly visualized. Time-consuming sales training is reduced drastically. Through Guided Selling and visualization of the product range your new salesperson will quickly get familiar with the product. Dealers and customers, too, will immediately see the distinguishing details of your product and will be able to configure flawlessly.

The challenge

Are you still convinced that your sales configurator cannot handle the complexity of your machine, installation, production line, or other product? Then we challenge you to try an online demo!

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No more pre-production nightmares

Elfsquad removes all worries from your pre-production process. With Elfsquad as backbone, we realize the digital factory that smart industries have been trying to find for so long. We do this through a product configurator, with integrated solutions for marketing, sales, and operations.

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