The workforce of the future: what technical staff do you attract?

The numbers do not lie: at this moment, a quarter of the workforce is millennial. And in 4 years time that will have increased to 75%. And millennials work in a different way than you are used to. It is not as if they only have high expectations about the digitalization within your organization: they know- and want no less than that. In this article you read about how to live up to these expectations and attract the best technical personnel possible.

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Why millennials will change your business

When talking about millennials, it is roughly about people born between 1981 and 1996, so people between 24 and 40 years old. What makes this generation special is the fact that it is the first generation to grow up with software, computers, and the internet. This has a big influence on the way your business is constructed.

This all has to do with the systems supporting your work processes. There is a big chance that you have had an ERP system for years that has been able to support almost all your processes, more or less. Towards the end of the ‘90s, these packages were accepted with big cheers almost universally. But times have changed, and it is important for your company to keep up.

The people you want to employ in the years to come? They are not excited for a slow system where they receive a book of instructions to work with it at all. They don’t want to have to deal with consultancy when they cannot figure it out. They want to do what they are used to.

The very best of apps

Which means: working with the best of the best software. Specialized tools, unbelievably good at that one task, and also incredibly user-friendly. And where they, if they cannot figure it out for a minute, can just watch a Youtube-video about it.

An important condition for such applications is that they communicate with one another incredibly well. Which is why, when choosing individual applications, you must make sure that they are developed on the basis of the API-first-principle, as is the case with Elfsquad. Because of this, applications are very flexible, so that they can be connected to your work process exactly how they should.

A little bit of programming through integration platforms

If you want to keep on attracting the very best of employees, you will find out you require separate applications and need to say goodbye to your ERP-system. Yet it is necessary to integrate the applications with each other, and for this you require programmers. And even now they are scarce enough already that it creates a problem. The solution: integration platforms such as Zapier, or Microsoft’s Power Platform. Through platforms like these people in your organization become incredibly capable of integrating the several applications they want to work with, with each other.

As a result, not only do you gain a total solution millennials would love to work with, but also one that supports your processes even better than before, all throughout your company. And the senior employees? They profit off the user friendliness of the applications and the fact that their work becomes a lot more fun. And you? You as an employer become a lot more interesting for potential employees when you are able to demonstrate that you choose for the future. Or even better said: for the present, as an ancient ERP system really doesn’t cut it anymore.


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