Why fast and flawless quotations are important for your dealers

From a large scale research among decisionmaking in the B2B market, it appeared that a lack of speed often was an important obstacle. It was named the most often as a reason why a deal does not go through. Especially when buying complex products, building valuable long term relationships is something that requires time. Which is why speed is so important in the quotation process. So that your salespeople can directly focus on offering the best support, instead of doing complex calculations and searching for data in enormous Excel files. Where speed gets you even more, is your dealer channel. With fast and flawless quotations it becomes a lot easier for them to sell your products.

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A good first impression

Presenting a quotation is one of the first opportunities you get to leave an unforgettable impression with your potential customers. Apart from the fact that the quotation should be relevant and complete, it is also important that it is created quickly. If you need a week’s time to make a quotation where your competitor does it in one day, you will immediately be at a disadvantage. A dealer will then be more inclined to buy products from your competitor.

Are you part of the solution?

We have a number of customers that sell complex products, but with that are part of a total solution that a dealer offers. Often, this makes for complex situations with your dealers.

For example the producer of cooling systems for delivery vans. The dealer buys a van, but then needs to find out what cooling system fits best and what it will cost. The potential customer, by then, has gotten a price for the van, and that price will leave an impression. If a large price tag is then added for the cooling system, it will cause friction.

Are you able to use a precise product configurator to ensure the dealer and customer immediately choose the right configuration? Then your dealer gains certainty and your customer gains clarity. And that is good for your sales numbers.

The combination with guided selling makes the difference

Speed really isn’t everything. As mentioned before you should especially invest in the long term, and that simply takes time. But when you are able to quickly roll out a quotation, you ensure this relation starts off well. In Elfsquad we combine the fast printing of quotations with the principle of guided selling. In short, it puts your customer in the center of your sales process.

In CPQ software both dealers and customers can choose the exact configuration for a complex product that they need, with the help of a few simple questions aimed at the application of this product. The added value lies in asking questions that your customers are actually able to answer.

You would not bother a butcher with all sorts of technical questions such as the capacity his cooling system should have. As he probably does not know. He does know what he transports and how often he opens and closes the doors. When you sell conveyor belts, don’t ask what material its legs should be made of, they won’t know. Ask them what the conveyor belt has to move and how much this product weighs, and you will be of much more assistance. When working this way, you make knowledge-intensive products very accessible for both your dealers and customers.

On top of that, in Elfsquad you do not only configure exactly what you need, but you also immediately print the aforementioned quotation. And this brings you a hefty step ahead of your competition. Since you bring along a fast and flawless quotation, you can aim yourself at better service for your customers.

Would you like to be a step ahead of your competitors? By not only printing out flawless quotations, but also connecting them to your production landscape. Request an unobligated demo sometime, and we will happily demonstrate these functionalities for you.

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