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Elfsquad Product Configurator: Connect sales with production

With Elfsquad Product Configurator software you work on taking away all potential worries from your pre-production process. Visual sales, flawless quoting and producing. Without double data entry.

Our configurator software is a complete solution for the entire organization:
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Product Configurator & Sales

Optimal selling through product configurator software.

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Make salespeople substantially more effective.

Your business does not sell simple products: There is a lot of choice within your product package. Very time-consuming and prone to errors for salespeople, dealers, and the customer themselves.

  • Elfsquad Product Configurator guides users from A to Z.
  • Compositions optimally fill in customer demands.
  • 100% errorless quotations.

Score more orders through convincing quotation documents.

What convinces more: A table with a summary of products, or a complete document, explaining in your customer’s language how he is helped by your product? We go for the latter.

  • The product configurator generates personalized brochures
  • Rich product information and images indicate the product that will be delivered to your customer
  • Your customer will be directly convinced by your offer

Request a quotation from us, and we will show you exactly what we mean.

We can state that our quotation runtime has been reduced by 50% already. With these final steps, we have digitized the entire pre-production process, with very positive results for our competitive position.
Davey Giesen - Giesen Coffee Roasters
Chief Operating Officer

Product Configurator & Operations

A fast and flawless delivery.


0 mistakes in your factory.

Without flawless input, there is no flawless output. By using the product configurator, Excel becomes a thing of the past. You deliver flawless sales orders, without double data entry.

Flawless quotations are synced to ERP, for errorless (production) orders. And to CAD, for errorless production drawings. If you would like to eliminate all errors from your factory; we have been down this road many times before.

Forecasting can be automated.

What will be your material needs for the coming year? How much employees will you require in your factory? If only you had a crystal ball…

Or an Elfsquad license! Elfsquad product configuration software creates a bill of materials for every quotation. With Elfsquad, you will know exactly what kind of quotations have been rolled out by salespeople, dealers, and even by customers.

By smart integrations with, for instance, CRM applications, bills of materials are attached to sales opportunities. This realizes a fully automated forecast for your entire business process.

Elfsquad was easy to design and gave a user-friendly impression. Where other packages depend on hours upon hours of consultancy. Elfsquad even delivered a presentation with a fully loaded configuration model.
Edwin Weteling - Yala Luxury Canvas Lodges
Commercial Director

Product Configurator & Engineering

Finally, engineers gain the time they need.


Control your CAD models through Elfsquad.

As soon as a salesman rolls out a quotation or scores an order, the product configurator is able to take control of all dimensions of your parametric models. Resulting in a lightning-fast, 100% errorless 3D CAD model. Or do you deliver to system integrators? Then you are even able to send CAD files along with your quotations.

  • Drastic reduction of engineering runtime.
  • Sales output = Engineering input.

Even if your product isn’t 100% Configure-to-Order.

Imagine that your product consists of modules for 80%, but the last 20% is always engineered specifically for every customer. Then Elfsquad Product Configurator can still serve you well: The modular part of the configuration can be readymade for after-customization by your engineer.

  • The configured portion is readymade for Engineering.
  • The engineer after-customizes the configured order, realizing the finishing touch.

Elfsquad & Marketing

Turn your factory into a webshop.


Don’t be left behind in the internet age!

Maybe you cannot imagine it at the moment, but we will turn your factory into a webshop. Which is a good thing: customers tend to orient themselves online these days.

We know that your product might not be simple to comprehend for a customer, but this is our specialty. Elfsquad takes your website-visitor by the hand, so that your customer does not even require any product knowledge.

Automate lead-generation.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of potential leads on your website. How do you convert these into customers?

With Elfsquad, customers can meet your product through a product configurator on your website. As soon as the visitor requests a quotation, you do not only gain an e-mail address. But also what the visitor is interested in: as they have just configured this themselves.

Followup can then be fully automated, for example by sending personalized discount offers.

Many of our international customers can now configure our product themselves. This is quickly checked, and then followup of production can start. The ball is handed to the customer, they make the decision. This is then simply checked before confirmation.
Willem Swinkels - Tilbox
Design Engineer
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Good software is a good start, but no more than a start: The success is determined by its design.

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Visualize the configuration in 2D and in 3D

Optionally, it is possible to visualize configurations, using 2D renders or an (existing) 3D model. Thus affirming the choices that users make in the configuration process.

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Integrate with anything loose and stuck.

CRM, ERP, PDM, CAD, websites, office packages, (cloud) storage locations: The IT landscape of a contemporary manufacturing company is comprehensive. Fortunately, because a product configurator is best in company.

View our integrations
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The most beautiful configurator you have ever seen, right on your own website!

Have you invested a lot in a polished corporate identity? Then it would be a shame if you are stuck with a generic user interface for a product configurator. That is why we can provide a tailor-made interface. In collaboration with you or your website builder.

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Put engineers back on R&D.

The life of an average engineer consists of order engineering. That’s a waste of time when you consider that Elfsquad can automatically generate CAD files. You provide the parametric models, we take care of the integrations. This is how we let engineers do R&D again!

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To be set-up by people with an understanding of commerce

Elfsquad Product Configurator has to start selling for you. But your best salesman is probably not your best programmer. That is why Elfsquad is the world’s first product configurator that involves programming: the design is provided by a commercial employee.

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Catalyst for standardization

Standardization processes often go wrong because too many non-standard compositions continue to be sold during the process: As a seller you do not want to sell “No”.
With Elfsquad Product Configurator you make it attractive to sell within the standard: Because then as a seller you will have a quote within a few minutes.

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Cloud- and webbased, of course

Elfsquad is a webbased application. Which means that it can be used on any device with an internet connection and a browser. Anywhere.

Simultaneous hosting on 5 different locations on the globe ensure a safe and redundant availability. In addition, we deliver continuous (live) updates.

It Works.

Our software works. Not only for your product, also within your company. Our CPQ software is compatible with all software applications: From MS Business Central to Hubspot and from Inventor to Google Analytics. We have standard integrations for the most commonly used IT applications.

View all integrations
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Working together on prize-winning software.

We let our innovative power in the manufacturing industry speak and are proud to say that we have received a number of prominent awards with Elfsquad. This motivates us further to fulfill our mission together with our customers: Ensure the manufacturing industry the right to exist.

2019Partner Award 2019 of Ridder Data Software B.V.
2019Nomination Deloitte Rising Star Award – Fast 50
2018Winner Noordelijke Innovatie Award
2018Winner Ondernemersprijs Smallingerland

They already chose Elfsquad.

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